It was a Monday…

Vacation day 6

Monday didn’t just hate me. My poor sister has strep!
Nobody really felt like going anywhere and I was running on two hours of sleep so we didn’t leave the house today. Heck, we were still in PJ’s at noon.

The real fun though was when I had to go to the ER to check for a kidney stone (labs before I left came back odd.) and the doctor had called me.

I figured I’d get a strep test while I was there, get some fluids, as I was not doing well keeping water and food down today, and let them run the tests the doctor ordered and be on my way.
It should have been a simple two-hour visit where I hopefully could get some fluids as I felt like trash today and fluids always help with muscle aches and headaches for me, both of which I had today. The pain was bad but not bad enough I was there to ask for treatment, and then:
My pain went nuclear for some reason. My BP was higher than I have seen it in a long time. Even on my worst pain days, it stays around 120-130/50-80

What the heck is this? Sure I was in a lot of pain but I was calm, we had a plan, fluids, CT scan, some meds for pain, and blood tests. Rule out the strep and call it a night if I passed all the tests.
But the nice doctor got off shift and the new doctor?
Let’s just say I am NOT a cryer and I spent a few hours doing that tonight. She cancelled all the orders but the blood and CT scan. Had them do the scan without contrast so I didn’t have an IV and got no fluids and wouldn’t even give me a toroidal shot for pain.Β  Toroidal is not an opioid and a decent painkiller and can be given as a shot. But she told me she saw no reason for me to need it. NO REASON. Lady, my BP is high, I am pacing in pain, crying, and you see NO REASON to give me a non-addictive drug?

Yep, she was Satan, she looked right at me with tears streaming down my face and told me to deal with it, she wasn’t wasting meds on me.

I just couldn’t deal. Another time I would have pointed out my BP being so high, my medical history, showed pictures of my swelling this week and demanded to see a different doctor or patient advocate. But, I was just not up for a fight tonight, I wanted to go home.

A huge relief through all of this drama was that my kids were with Nana having some fun and not worried about me.

They are so adorable sometimes I can’t stand it! They also had been super mellow all day so I wasn’t shocked whenΒ I got a text from Nana that Lenna was running a fever and feeling poorly.

Eek! No getting sick on vacation!!

Hopefully, we all feel better tomorrow. If not it’s off to the urgent care for all of us because that awful doctor refused to run a strep test.

I honestly hate ER doctors, they are so hit and miss. It’s okay though, I came home and rage danced for 20 min to HAVANA.
It actually did help wear me out and calm down my anger so I am hoping to be able to sleep tonight.
I will be dreaming of kids with no strep….Wish me luck!


Fort Story

Vacation day 5 (Part 3)

Uncle Tom suggested we go check out Fort Story and the lighthouses there. We all agreed this sounded like a great idea so we headed off for another adventure!

One of the lighthouses is open to the public and one is a still working lighthouse run by the USCG.

This is the one you can climb!

It is the Cape Henry Lighthouse and really stunning in person.

Cape Henry Lighthouse
Here is a link if you are interested in the story of this historical landmark.
The most astounding fact, it was commisioned by George Washington and overseen by Alexander Hamilton.

A few things to know:
Children have to be 42 inches to climb the lighthouse. They also cannot be carried.
It is 10$ per person, including children to make the climb.
Because two out of four kids could not go we opted to explore the gift shop and play at the knot station outside and call it a day.

Lucky for the kids, Uncle Tom knows a thing or two about tying knots.

If you have kids over 42′ this is a great off the beaten path place to visit.

If you do decide to come and visit remember that you are on federal property and just follow the rules. πŸ™‚

So that was our day… Oh and the dog, of course we had to pet the random dog! His name is Winston after Winston Churchill and he is training to be a therapy dog.

A few quick things to know about entering Fort Story:

If you are not military with an ID prepare to have your car searched because the lighthouse is sitting on an active military base.
You might wish to look up the guidelines to get on the base before you plan a trip. There is also a picnic area and a beach. You could easily spend a full day there and have plenty to do and see.

This is the second LIghthouse that is NOT open to the public. It is run by the USCG. They said no one lived on sight which made me super curious about the house next to it. Obviously, someone used to live there.

Maybe someday they will give tours there as this lighthouse is pretty old too.

Our take away:
Fort Story is beautiful, the beach looked fantastic, and just looking at the lighthouses was frankly awe-inspiring.
We recommend adding it to your list of things to do in Virginia Beach if you have the time!

With our early morning, we had some tired kids. We quickly did a run to the grocery store and then home.

This dude was hot (Nana told him he could take off his shirt, lol) but even sweating in the Virginia summer he still helped carry in groceries. What a champ!

My body crashed on me about an hour after we got home. I helped put away groceries, got the kids a snack, laid down and didn’t wake up until ten thirty.

Current situation. That long nap really messed with my already messed up sleep schedule.

I am so grateful that my mother took over after I fell asleep after getting the kids a snack. I had grabbed a cooked chicken for dinner and I am sure my kiddos devoured it.

Now I am awake, writing these blog posts and waiting in vain for pain meds to kick in so I can fall back asleep again.

We plan on a slow morning tomorrow so we can all catch up on sleep.




Let’s do brunch, country style.

Vacation day 5 (part 2)

It was time for brunch, so we went to good old Crackle Barrel.

Uncle Tom teaching them checkers.

We had the sweetest server in the entire world. She was just amazing. We had a few special orders and she took excellent care of us.

No one, however, could save my blueberries from the berry thief named Lenna!
I was only gone from the table for a minute!Β  I will never understand how I am not skinny, both my kids ate my third turkey sausage as well.

If only this worked with your own kids. Ha!

We had a lovely meal, managed to make it out of the gift shop without buying anything and were off to our next destination.

Fort Story: So be sure to turn in for part 3 of this crazy, beautiful, amazing day!


Boat, boat, we went on a boat!

Vacation day 5 (Part 1)

Wow was this an early morning. We were up at six in the morning getting ready to get to the early bird boat ride to see the dolphins along the Atlantic coast.
Rudee Tours
We took advantage of the early bird special and are so glad we did. Not only did we get 5$ off each ticket, we were off the water before it got too hot and saw a TON of dolphins.

Nana got the souvenir shot. I haven’t even seen it yet. I also have no idea where she put it. If I don’t look like death I will upload it when it is found. Ha!

The kids have never been on a big boat on the ocean. They both LOVED it.


Fearlessly they both wandered the boat and it was a hassle to keep up with them. Jude likes the bottom of the boat while Lenna loves being up top.

Or in the snack shop. Which has a bar, meaning she wasn’t supposed to go inside alone. I think you can guess how that played out.

I’m just going to post videos some have dolphins and some are of the beautiful VA Beach shoreline.


Spot the dolphin!


Adding these houses to my dream list. They’re stunning.


Lenna did have a pretty great view all to herself up top. But, it was hard to get shots or video of the dolphins.


Uncle Tom was pretty right on about where we would find dolphins. Look for them by flocks of birds.


Lenna’s commentary. She is too pure for this world. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

This pair got pretty close to the boat!


It was so fun to have this experience with my sister and brother in law.

Eventually, however, as the hour and a half ran on, the kids got a bit seasick and tired.

Minor sea sickness aside, we give this tour a five out of five stars!

Just look at that smile! I would have a similar smile from Lenna but she never stayed in one spot long, so the dude will have to do.

Oh, and here is the Obligatory selfie. 😎  I was rocking the mom look with day 4 curls. Although, I did stick my head in the sink so that I didn’t frighten people so I am not sure they are technically day 4 or not. Either way, I didn’t wash my hair so I think this counts in the ‘curly girl’ method rulebook.

With all the pictures and places we are going in one day, I have decided to break up the posts so they are not so long!
Trying something new, love to hear what you think about that!




Swimming and the Beach!

Vacation day 3

The kids slept in, again!

My little girl has discovered that bug bites stuck.

You better believe she sticks around for bug spray now!

Also, we have discovered that my Witch I Love Your Hair Spray works on bug bites. We tested it on ….

Uncle Tom! Who forgot bug spray too!

Once we were awake and moving it was time for swimming with the cousins.

Please pause however for this awesome hair selfie!

And the filter that made my hair this red.

Okay moving on….swimming…

The kids had a blast while mommy slathered herself in SPF 70 and stayed in the shade with a hat.

The kids kept Uncle Tom busy and every adult had to watch out for the dude who was on a mission to find danger.

After we left the pool and changed we headed to dinner on the boardwalk.

That’s Tony spelled backwards. I didn’t catch it at first either. πŸ˜‚

The kids got pizza dough to play with and the food was AMAZING.

A veggie special with no sauce and Chicken Parmesan.

Next was the boardwalk. Virgina Beach Style.

This was unplanned by us. She wanted to dance and Jude obliged. Until the end: we will have to work with him on proper dancing manners.


The actual boardwalk itself:

We really enjoyed the live music and sea breeze.

I couldn’t pass this up. Three years apart. Two different oceans. Same sense of awe.

Then around the time we needed to leave, I noticed my endo belly.

This happens all the time and we (the endo community) are never sure why. I didn’t feel like my pain was super bad. Your guess is as good as mine.

We grabbed showers to wash off the sand and fell into bed. It was a great day!



No more ER for me!

Late Post: This was from Tuesday

Three times now my primary care clinic has sent me to the ER for fluids, tests, and meds.

Let me explain why: the Er can do tests STAT. So, when we need to know something that is where I am sent.

I am an impossible stick. Even the cancer infusion nurses can’t get an IV in me. Today was eight sticks.

My BP is low. 90/64 , 87/60 , 100/58

I need fluids and was sent to get some by my clinic who knew they’d never get an IV in me. The ultrasound machine is in the ER so off I went. Added bonus, the ER can do neck IVs if worse comes to worse.

The Problem?

The ER doctor, however, refused to give me any. He refused to even run the blood tests they wanted to be done. He basically was a total tool. This isn’t an isolated incident. This ER is really being unhelpful.

So, today my primary doctor attempted to get me fluids. She wasn’t going to do the song and dance of suckage which is the ER until she gets some backup. She is pissed not happy with how those doctors are treating me.

Side note: I love my doctor and her staff. They make my day every time I see them.

My doctor even gave me a note for the airport. She. Is. Amazing.

Back to the fluids. No luck, and they really tried. So, got a shot for pain and headed home.


Spoonie rant over.

Virginia is Fun!

Vacation day 2

After a bit of a lie in because we are still adjusting to EST, we had some breakfast and got to play with the cousins.

My lil man was super excited to hold his baby cousin! She, however, was less enthused by this idea.

But, she liked the dude better than the goose! So, take that sissy!

We went to the library and played.


A LOT of concentration went into this project and he only got it to work twice, but he sure had fun trying!

Usually sissy holds his hand. He really felt left out…

No worries dude, you can always hold my hand. Xoxo

We had some fun at a park with some shade. It was pretty busy keeping track of them all, so no pictures!

After the park, sissy went with Auntie and the dude, mom, and I stopped at a Farmers Stand by the house.

We picked out some yummy peaches and veggies. It was lovely to support local farms.

Dinner was a masterpiece of grilling by Uncle Tom.

Burgers and veggies. Yum yum!

We kept the veggies warm while he finished the burgers and there were no leftovers to be had.

The kids went on a walk with Nana where poor sissy was eaten alive by mosquitos.


After the walk, we said goodbye to the cousins and headed to bed. We were tuckered out!



Goodbye Apple..

Its been fun having an iPhone the last 7 years. However, when they ditched the headphone plug in they lost me. I stuck it out for a bit.

But, if I can’t listen to iTunes what’s the point of having an iPhone? I was spending all my money on the converter thing and that annoyed me. I HATE bluetooth headsets: one more thing to plug in and charge, no thanks.

So, when my iPhone started NOT charging. Missing calls. Triple down loading my music. And when I realised the camera was subpar. I FINALLY allowed Aaron to switch me to a android.

I have no idea how to use it. I think the hubby transferred all my music. I’m sure I will love the phone eventually.

However, we are in are in a getting know you phase and I hate change.

Why did I do this on vacation? Oh, right my iPhone died on me.

Ugh! Also, I miss my ringtones for each person. I had a system!!! Off to cry in the shower.

Hashtag TRUTH

Vacation Day 1: Travel

We had a 5:30 am flight so it was an early day. As these were bargain tickets bought on the fly, beggars can’t be choosers.

We also flew on American Airlines. We usually fly Southwest. That 25$ a bag kept our packing in check. Thank goodness we have a washer and dryer at our final destination!

We were grateful that Daddy could help us get to the gate. A HUGE thank you to American Airlines for the companion pass for him.


The hanging gardens around Portland International are amazing!!!

Even at four in the morning, the place was hopping. My kids made some friends from the Ukraine.

Mom Win!!!!

I found these cups at Target. We kept refilling them with ice water and never had to BUY water. Plus, the cups are eco-friendly. Loved them!

We had seats all together for this flight already, but if you do not, don’t panic. American will do all they can to keep families together.

Some tips though:
Ask if animals are flying with you. There was a cat on our flight. Even though the lady said it was hypoallergenic, my daughter still started sneezing. I didn’t mess around, I gave my kids Benadryl and kept the inhaler nearby.

ALWAYS BRING YOUR ALLERGY KIT. TSA will let it through. Epi-pens, inhalers, liquid Benadryl. They didn’t even blink.

Snacks, don’t forget the snacks. My snack bag for each kid: Protein bar, goldfish, fruit snacks, and trail mix.
That cup of ice water came in handy too.

One personal item as your carry on. Those bins filled up so fast. I was grateful we all only had a bag that would fit under our seats.

Headphones! There are free in-flight movies. Headphones are a must.

Travel pillows. It is hard to get comfortable on an airplane and it is a bit cramped in coach, those travel pillows really helped the kids out.

Dallas layover!

I don’t know how this happened but when my kiddos thanked the pilot for an awesome flight when we landed in Dallas, he invited them into his office.

I had stowed my phone and had to rush to get pictures and video. Lenna asked a ton of questions and Jude was just in awe. They got to sit in the seats and it was simply magical of this pilot to do this. I am still amazed.


They got their wings and we stepped off the plane in Texas! It’s a short video since I lost my phone in my large bag.

Texas, y’all.

So, of course, we had BBQ brisket.

Lenna loved the train. Jude was less sure about the whole thing. It’s a large airport but it felt small to us. Our gates were right by the train and the staff at Dallas Fort Worth was just awesome. We were truly charmed.

Jude was pretty tired after lunch. This was him at our gate. I had to half carry him to the plane. We were in the very back, which actually was nice! You could lean your seat all the way back.
We had no seat assignments for this flight and I had to go to the gate attendant to work out our seating. Without blinking she put us all together in section 30.Β  On the plane, I was told by the flight attendant that they reserve seats so that they can make sure children stay with parents.

That really impressed me.
My overall experience with American Airlines was a 4 out of 5 stars. The ONLY thing I did not like was the 25$ bag fee. Otherwise, I would fly with them all the time for the in-flight movies alone.


We made it!!! Waiting for us was a surprise. My sister and my niece were with my mom! I fully admit I was too busy hugging everyone to take more pictures.

The airport in Richmond was small and we got our bags and headed to the gas station…. for dinner!

I was sceptical. However, it was some good eating!

We recommend WaWa’s and yes sissy, you were right.

After dinner was the two-hour drive and we fell into our beds around 11 local time. That would be 8 WA time so an early bedtime for the kids. πŸ˜‚

From our house in WA to my Mom’s it was a 17 hour day.

Welcome to the South kids! Its gonna be a fun vacation!



A redhead at the dentist.

We got lucky and they had a cancellation so I could get that deep cavity on tooth #29 filled. This was found Friday and Dr Lee (who we LOVE) told me he would work me in Monday to get this fixed before we leave for vacation.

It’s one of those teeth. Can you spot it?

It was close to the root so I was super happy it could be dealt with( Dr Lee kept his word and worked me in) but on two hours of sleep and two kids not wanting to go to a 9:30 am appointment- my happy face needs some work.

The kids, however, were fantastic and they love my dentist Dr Lee.

My daughter even drew him a picture. (I forgot to take a picture of it, let’s not tell her!!!)

AND …. he showed up and had lunch with us after the appointment. Totally unplanned and made my daughters day!!!

Thanks, Dr Lee!

So dental work is rough on me because I am a redhead (yes this is a thing) and it takes a ton of medication to numb me and with my medical history and low blood pressure, things can get complicated.

My BP was 100/64 lower than he would have liked but good enough to dig out and fill a cavity.

So let’s get me numb.

First round: I only went numb for about ten min.

Round two: We made it twenty.

Keep in mind dentists hop from patients to patient. I got lucky and another was a no-show so he was able to sit down for round three.

Round three: We started drilling, that went well for about five minutes.

Round four did the trick: We got out the cavity and the root was not exposed.

It has now been an hour and a half and these kids are still minding their manners!

Me? I had to ask for the bite guard cause my jaw was sore.

It took less time to fix and fill the cavity than it did to numb me up.

Also, this is some high tech Star Wars stuff going on! This heats up to set the filling?

Well, that is an awesome view up my nose. Just keeping it classy!

So, my husband works for the VA in dental and the back and forth over what I was being given was awesome.

To be fair, even the dentist had to check the spelling.

Sidebar: follow this man on YouTube. Alonzo and his beef with Wendy’s Twitter left me laughing for days!

Well, that is #29 done. We will do this song and dance again on Sept 21st for the second of the three cavities. We have to do them one at a time, obviously.