England vs America

So, in case you didn’t know, I write Harry Potter FanFiction.

Don’t judge, it’s so fun!

However, I am America, and this world is quintessential British.

Slang, spelling, and many other things are very different.

Apparently at a point in one of my stories I made a rather hilarious mistake.

What makes this so hysterical is that the two finger salute is in a scene where they are making plans for a date!


Yeah, I did that. Pardon me while I go fix this as I laugh so hard I’m seeing stars!

Cheers to learning a new Britishism!

And making my friends laugh when I tell them about my blatant ignorance of the British two finger salute.

4 thoughts on “England vs America”

  1. Lol as an American, myself, I had no clue hahaha I’m currently wondering how many other things I’ve misread because of this haha


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