Who am I?

Such an interesting question, who am I?

If you asked my kids they would say I am Momma.

Strawberry (7) and LittleRed (5)

My husband thinks I am wonder woman.

We’ve been married eleven years. I was told by a therapist that only 1 out of 6 men stay with chronically ill wives. We all call him ‘Saint’, which he isn’t and argues over, but Saint is nicer than the other names we could call him 😂 so there you go!

My friends alternate between brave and crazy to describe me, which is honestly fair.


Me at the county fair. I’m allergic to hay, alpha, horses, GRASS and carted around my O2 in the sun, which I’m supposed to stay out of. See, brave yet crazy! They were not amused I did this…

My many doctors always say I am a perfectly pleasant 36 year old who presents with:

And here we have a list of what defines my life. Sadly, it’s a long list. Two decades worth of illness in list form.


Pulmonary Embolism (2 in lungs currently)
Home Oxygen
Open Heart Surgery (3 tumours, 1 clotted port, one hole)
History of Colon Cancer
Chronic Kidney Infections
Drug Allergies (complicating treatments)
Chronic Pelvic Pain
Interstitial Cystitis (IC)
History of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome
History of colon polyps
History of ovarian cysts
(I could go on but I think we get the point…)

I have had over 20 surgeries.

Me trying to sleep before open heart surgery, which they delayed for a month so I did this ‘game’ four times before the actual surgery. I was kept in hospital for three weeks BEFORE the surgery and three weeks after. Wouldn’t recommend it. 😉

Looking over my list of diseases, hospitalisations, symptoms and life you can probably understand why Doctors give me the ‘how do you do all this?’ look and then promptly ask about my mental health!

It’s fine, thank you.

I just make a lot of these faces when Doctors are twats to me.


And this face when I get GOOD news or they are nice!😳

Trying to explain my medical history in detail would take a book (and don’t think everyone isn’t telling me to write one!)

Basically, I am a medical mess and miracle. An anomaly who should be dead. But, I am very much alive! My life, however, revolves around pain, doctors, my children, and my writing. Sadly, in that order.

So, who am I?

I am a contradiction. A woman who should give up but won’t. A woman who always finds a reason to smile even in the worst circumstances. A sickie with a dry sense of humour. A redhead curly haired girl who has no time for B.S (unless it’s Burritos and Salsa) I am brave and crazy. Not Wonder Woman but a wonderful mix of courage and fear. I am more than that list of diseases and surgeries. I am scarred but proud. I am an Author and my children keep me trying to survive one more day!

I am Crystal Jean!

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