Writing and PT…

It has been a very busy week, as you probably know if you follow me on Instagram.

I have started Physical Therapy again, the first time since my first Pulmonary Embolism this spring. Not going to lie, it hurts and it’s hard, but I am pretty stubborn so I do it anyway..

The old Lakers hat helps šŸ’›šŸ’œšŸ’›

It’s great to be moving forward again with recovery, but, I am bloody exhausted.

My kind hubby let me sleep in this morning and took the kids to the grandparents for a birthday party for the cousins.

As I am stuck on oxygen, it makes it hard to travel, the tanks are heavy and don’t last very long. I asked my Primary doctor if we could change things up since it doesn’t seem like I will be off the oxygen anytime soon. *sigh*

We got not so good news about my lungs and the clots last week.

I will know more after I see another specialist this month and have some more tests.


The shiny side of this turd is I have a house to myself and am working on one of my romance novels that I plan on self-publishing on Amazon this fall!

I love writing. It honestly keeps me sane, and it’s so fun to get lost in another world. A world where you can control what happens.


Real life, I have found, is not something you have total control over. And anyone who tells you differently has never had a chronic illness.

I can control how I react to my conditions, I can not, however, control what the conditions do to me.

I can eat right, go to every doctor, do exactly as I am told, and still end up with three tumors on my heart and still have that same heart possibly throwing out more clots.

I can take every medicine prescribed and still end up hospitalized with a kidney infection.


So, I write, I make a safe place where I very much control what happens to the characters in it, and I press on.


Life, I have learned, always keeps going.

And that is okay! I am lost in my head and perfectly fine with that today.

So, happy writing friends! When I get a section I am happy with I am thinking about posting it on live journal. I will let you know when and if I do.




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