A date?!? What’s this!?!

The stars aligned this Thursday and the hubby and I got to go out to eat (thank you Groupon) by ourselves. As in NO kids!!!

Photographic proof! There is no kid next to him!!😂

We used a Groupon for some really yummy Mexican food!

It was delicious!! We asked for the veggie fajitas and then added chicken cause we like more veggies and protein and the waiter made it happen! Cheers to him!!

Now, I know we are not the only couple that uses Groupon for dates. But, we are apparently, one of the minority of couples who understands that when you use a coupon or Groupon at a restaurant; you tip for the ORIGINAL amount of your bill. Sadly, this had to be stated at this restaurant!

So, on behalf of servers everywhere. Please don’t be a jerk and tip appropriately.

Also, fair warning, this man will eat all the chips when you are not looking 👀



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