Tiny dancer, tired Mummy!

T-minus one hour to dance class and I was laid up in bed with my heating pad on my very swollen belly. Cheers, endometriosis you bloody wanker!

This IS my happy face!

But as I love my daughter I sucked it up buttercup and took her to dance here she learned this adorable routine.

She’s the youngest in the class and the only one who didn’t talks pre ballet. So I’m just impressed she isn’t falling on her bum! She is having the time of her life.

After the night was over it was home for more homework and she took a picture of my belly so we can show the doctor.

It’s an impressive amount of swelling. Could be an ovarian cyst. Could just be endo bloat. Who really knows.

Bonsoir either way I just got back from an echocardiogram across town and am taking a nap. By taking a nap I mean laying down with my heating pad and playing on Instagram. 😂



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