The scourge…bed bugs hour 6-10

So here is the mattress with the bugs. Gross, times a million.

The complex said due to privacy issues they can’t tell me if anyone in my building had bed bugs. My thoughts on that summed up on my makeup free exhausted face!

They are sending out a bug man to spray everything tomorrow and he comes once a week depending on what he finds. He will decide what furniture we get to keep or have to throw away.

I am going to blog about this so perhaps someone else learns something from this experience! It’s scary….

I can’t find anymore bloody bugs, but, I am no bug expert. What I do have, are bites on my arm, getting worse by the hour. Ugh!

One of my bites that is swelling. I’ve also got a rash. My breathing is a bit compromised so I’ve turned up my O2.

Here is the scary. What if bed bugs are in here!! I can’t get the O2 people on the phone and I have no idea what to do with this when the guy sprays. Spooked for sure!

Everything from the room is all out on the patio in bags. It all has to be washed and dried on HOT and then put in sealed bags and bins and then repeat! I’ll need to buy bins and more trash bags.

First however

Some tea ☕️ I am knackered!


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