Technology and me..

I will admit when it comes to technology and social media I have been a stubborn redhead and not bothered with most of it. My IPhone was forced on me and I still have a friend sort out my iTunes when it ticks me off. I only got gmail last year and I joined Tumblr last month! I have some catching up to do, embarrassing but true. So, this next week I will be learning to edit all the video we just took at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Once I figure that out I will be learning to upload said video(s) to my brand new YouTube channel and share it here. Go ahead and tell me how simple it really all is, I promise I will find a way to break something or cause some error you’ve never heard of. It’s what I do. Technology hates me! Hey, we all have to be good at something. 🙄😬🙄 Until I figure out the video, here are some pictures of our fun afternoon. And by far my favorite thing at the museum was this comic found at the natural selection exhibit. Thank you to who ever put ‘The Far Side” comic up. 😂

Cheers from the Reds!

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