Do something everyday that scares you…

Although you would never know it by my personality, I actually have major anxiety when meeting new people. Plus, my chronic medical madness makes me feel like I can’t make friends. First, I disappear when I am sick for weeks and months. Second, who would believe my crazy life?

Well, let’s hope I overcome both fears, because I have signed up to receive word about momco events.

Now if I can manage to get back to church life will be awesome. I’ve not woken up before noon on a Sunday since the Pulmonary Embolisms in May. Sunday is my sleep day to be able to do the week. I hate missing things. That’s the hardest part of being a spoonie, so much is put aside to survive.

However, I want a quality of life that I can be proud of. Even if that means the quantity of time here is reduced.

I want to be a better mom. My seven year old had to call 911 this last summer because mommy couldn’t breath or speak. That’s not normal. I want to give my kids at least some normal.


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