Learning French

Two Scots are teaching me French. Why? Because my daughter is obsessed with Paris, and always has been. She was asking to go to Paris as soon as she could talk, and we have pictures of France 🇫🇷 and The Eiffel Tower all over the house We have Eiffel Tower lamps, pillows, her bedding.

So, when we learned there was a charter school that would teach her French and English we signed her up. This year brother started and they both love it.

Now, I know a little Spanish, however, I am horrible at the nasal languages. This means I am in for the battle of my life to keep up with my kids and their French. And I need to keep up, those two are already talking to each other in French!!! My kids are Slytherin, I must stay five steps ahead of them!

Duolingo is also in my day!

Wish me luck!



3 thoughts on “Learning French”

    1. I like coffee break french a lot. The kids love it and request to listen to it. Duolingo is fun, I think it’s free so I’d say it’s worth it. However, if you get questions wrong you have to watch ads or wait till the next day. With duolingo you also have to be able to type out questions in the language and that’s a bit above the five year olds ability. But he likes the picture questions. Is it helping? I suppose so, but I’ve never been good at rolling my ‘r’s or film sounds 😂 so I struggle.


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