My Treasures…

It’s funny what you find when you have to go through every single thing you own.

My new dresser 🤘

Some things make you smile fondly wondering how you ended up with that item. Like a friends dog tags circa 2000 that have been in your jewelry box for 17 years. 😆

Other things can make you laugh over a fond memory! Like the autographed picture of Luke Walton a friend got for me.

The best part of this story is I called Bryan as he was taking a picture with Luke and he handed the phone to Mr Walton and I giggled like a school girl for three minutes. Highly embarrassing.

Then there are special pictures of relatives now gone.

My Great Aunt Kathleen. It’s the only picture I have of me with her. ❤️

Then there are things that can make you burst into tears.

I have a journal that belonged to my nana. I was her number one concern in 2001. This was when I had my inner ear go out and suffered dizzy spells and migraines. It had me bursting into tears. She wasn’t a woman who tolerated being sick. I thought she didn’t care. To realize I was her number one concern broke my soul. 😓 The diary just opened to this page. Serendipitous.

You also realize things you would save at all costs. Like the painting I have my great grandma painted. It’s hung above my bed most of my life. It’s been evacuated for a hurricane and always is moved by US when the military moved us.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Nana was named for her and my daughter was named after them both. Lenna was their name. I never understood why my Nana went by her middle name. I’m very lucky the husband liked the name too!

Lenna Jean meeting Lenna Claire. We were blessed to have her there for our daughters birth.

Then there is a moment when you realize you have an entire bag full of clothes you have worn to special events. Baptisms, funerals, weddings, the dress I was wearing when Aaron proposed. It all fits in one vacuum bag.

Only half the things still fit…. but I’m saving them. 😂 I might get that skinny again. It could happen people. I say as I wish to eat cake. 🍰

What I have realized over the last week is that it is pictures and memories that mean the most to me.

The picture of Papa and the Oklahoma cutting board I put on the wall that was bought for me by a dear friend when I visited the state after my heart surgery.

This work of art that was my first major ‘life’ purchase. It is a limited edition Susan Rios painting. It’s also signed by her!

The name of this painting is ‘An Intiment View’ and can be bought on her official website: http://www.susanriosdesigns.com

These are the things that mean so much to me. Memories, hidden words of love, irreplaceable works of art, and things I wish to pass down to my daughter and son.

Furniture can be replaced. You can buy new clothes. However, some things are simply irreplaceable.

So, the good news is we passed the inspection bedbug free. The bad news is we now get to go through every thing we own and make sure the bloody bugs are not on our items.

Everything gets washed with Borax and peppermint oil. Everything gets put in the dryer or steamed. And everything gets inspected.

After that we hope and pray the bedbugs are gone and not coming from another apartment.

I’m also running our vaporizers non stop with peppermint oil in them. Old bug remedy. And salt and baking soda are all over the floors.

Game face on!

Husband is off work tomorrow and we are going to move out furniture we are not keeping and downsize our clothing and household goods. A move is in our future. No better time than the present to minimize your junk!

Just don’t tell the kids their toys are also on the list of things we are downsizing. 😳

Reds out!

2 thoughts on “My Treasures…”

  1. Wow. Some special stuff for me too. I had no idea you had that picture if aunt Kathleen. I don’t know if I have one of her. Cool.

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