Bubble Girl

For years friends have joked I should be put in a bubble or shrink wrapped. Today an Instagram friend followed the trend.

Maybe I should change the blogs name!?!😂😭😂

My head cold and sore throat has turned into a chest cold and high fever. As I’m only allowed Tylenol and no Advil, due to my blood thinner medication, I am in my winter jumper and thick socks huddled under blankets and even blew my hair dry I was so cold after my shower. (Why it’s straight, heat is heat so I might as well get to brush my hair!)Sad face. So, I am smothered in vaporub with three vaporizers going and sucking on cough drops hiding under blankets.

For further proof I must be sick, this song is on repeat and making me smile despite the sneezing 🤧 Gwen Stefani ‘You make it feel like Christmas!’ I have broken my firm no Christmas music before Thanksgiving rule for this infectious song that my hubby will hate. (He has a no Christmas music ever rule I break the week of Christmas every year.) Let’s all pray that this song doesn’t show up on the seven year olds pandora station because she will adore it and poor daddy might very well kill himself. Until he comes home, however, I am sneezing along!

You make it feel like Christmas! ACHOO 😬

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