Test, Test, Test…

Barium Swallow test. First driving to downtown Denver and no breakfast.

Not sure what this means but I’m hungry.

Only a 26 min drive so…

The hospital itself is on Colfax and where Jude stayed as a baby when they (MI Doctors) tried to kill him with allergy meds and he ended up having silent reflux. It’s a beautiful campus.

Of course the first thing you see and smell is food you can’t have. 😂I realized my wallet was on the table and not in my purse. Oops!<<
en you have to wait to switch out your O2 tank for one of theirs. Things can take a long time here. You might run out your tank. The lovely lady in the background was so in love with my bag. I told her it was a Petunia Pickle Bottom and wrote her the note so, you’re welcome PPB. 😘 They called my name. No running now.

They sent me to the third floor to walk me back down to the second. I laughed. The machine. Kind of cool looking. What I have to eat and drink! Not cool. I didn’t pass. Yay?

Instructions and water to drink and then a wonderful surprise. This gem of a couple had four sons has seven granddaughters and he was a dentist in the Korean War. Never got their names but they talked to me as we left. He looked at my teeth and said I had a beautiful smile and they told me all about their family. She thanked me for smiling at them. (Yes, she was the one who asked about my Petunia Pickle Bottom!)

So, smile at someone today. You might make their day special. Their smile sure brightened mine.



2 thoughts on “Test, Test, Test…”

  1. I love your photo-journalistic writing style! It really lets me experience your experiences :). I also love your humor and positive outlook on life. I can’t wait for your next one 🙂


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