The bad news with some hope.

So, the news I’ve not wanted to share.

My blood clots in May have not gone away. In fact, they damaged my heart, and we will need another specialized surgery to repair the valve and also pull the clots out of my lungs.

I try to stay upbeat and smile but this is nuts. We are being told to prepare for a week stay in San Diego.

We also got confirmation Lupus caused this issue, and I will be on blood thinner for life, and need to get out of high altitude.

Currently my left lung is not getting proper blood flow to the tissue lining. It’s a lot of rare, crazy, of course I have it it’s me, stuff. It also explains all the pain and hospitalisations and need for O2!

Aaron accepted a transfer to Portland Oregon which will get me to an environment friendlier to Lupus/Sjogrens! From there we find out when I can have the next surgery. The hubby is also heading over to try and join the Coast Guard Reserves. He misses being a Coastie!

A rescue from 2007. I need to look up who painted it and call and ask where it’s hung? Pentagon, new Coast Guard Museum. I’m not sure!

We just had open heart surgery last year!

Having to do this all over again is beyond frightening. But I have two kiddos to live for!

I am not going to quit and just die. But I do need out of high altitude and in better shape to get my surgery in San Diego!

Fewer hospital visits would be nice. 😂

If you wish to help, we started a go fund me. We’ve never done this before; but here is the link you can copy and paste: https://www.gofundme.com/k5wkzz3
If a prayer is what you can send just send that. 🙏🏻 I need them. I’m doing rather poorly here at 5000 feet.Any ideas of charities or such that can help are welcome.

Any ideas of charities or such that can help are welcome.

I was really hoping to avoid another surgery. This is scary but we’ve done scary. We just did it last year. I just wish I wasn’t back to actively dying on y’all again.

This is JUST my heart and lungs and Lupus. I still have all my other conditions going on. However, when your lung is not working and your heart is damaged no one fixes anything else. 🙄😳🙄

Sorry for the not so funny post. I’ll try to make up for it tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “The bad news with some hope.”

  1. I’ve been off radar for a bit so I apposite for not seeing this sooner. Please don’t ever apologize for not have a funny post babe….life isn’t always funny and it can and does get real. You have such an awesome attitude and outlook and are such am inspiration. I am sending you all the prayers I can and will be adding you to our church’s prayer list and as many of the church’s prayer lists in my area that I have friends and family as members. I live in what is commonly called the Bible Belt so you will a whole bunch of southerners praying big for you babe. I am also sending you hugs, love, and good juju because those are all things i personally think you never can get enough of! I have a friend who moved out to the San Fran area a few years back and I am going to see if he knows of any state programs that can be of assistance. Keep you chin up babe. You are such a strong woman who has survived so much and I have full faith that you will come out on top yet again! Xoxoxo


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