Like a small ship on the ocean…

Today started in a rush and mad dash to get kids to school and me over to my pulmonary function test. I got there early and had my lucky number on my valet ticket..

Ah, 52,the number I always find. Addresses, time of the day, valet tickets.

I went to the wrong place and got to walk across the hospital. It was okay though, I was early!

So I got all checked in and the we waited.

I was so tired. Utterly knackered.

My name was called and we headed to this crazy room…

Glad I am not claustrophobic…

And they handed me some jewelry.

And the scuba gear to breathe into …

But disaster struck when she found out I had Pulmonary Embolisms, currently. So she storms out of the room and I’m left confused over what the problem could be.

Ultimately it was a non issue the clinic freaked out about and so they sent me on my way, no test. A test I need to get my surgery. No one understood why, the nurse for my doctor was very confused and I was confused but my doctor was in a procedure so after waiting an hour we called it a day and I left.

The fun thing was I left through a new exit and saw this cool sculpture.

Then it was an hour wait for my van and the doctor calling me later that night to tell me it was all a misunderstanding and we’d reschedule. Well, okay…

So, until next time for this test.

Le sigh



4 thoughts on “Like a small ship on the ocean…”

  1. That really sucks it’s a shame a spoony has to jump through so many hoops considering how much hoop Jumpin takes out of us. Well you’re still sending big waves into motion. 🙂 I love that song too really lifts me up when I’m at the bottom

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? I put it on as I left and that afternoon my doctor called and said she had to school the clinic and I’d need to reschedule that procedure before I could have surgery. They misunderstood active with chronic PEs. Gah!!!!


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