Physical Therapy

I have to make sure I keep my heart strong as we move forward with the tests to determine if I qualify for the surgery to remove the clots from my lungs and repair my heart valve that was damaged and is not healing.

This means I go to the gym as much as I am able and do as much as I can each time.

Mostly its just the stationary bike and light weights for my core, arms, and chest.

And I mean light weights. lol

Today I got adventurous and got back on the elliptical for the first time since the pulmonary embolisms in May.

Leave the bow out of this. I couldn’t find a rubber band after mine broke and had to borrow one of my daughters.

So the elliptical really kicked my rear. My heart rate went up in just seven minutes and I had trouble breathing. It’s this delicate balance and I spent the next hour doing some light yoga and core and arm work to calm down my heart ❤️

I might come back with the hubby tonight to do my normal 10 miles on the 🚴🏻 bike. For now though I’m off to shower.



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