My life in charms was missing….

I know it’s just a thing, but this one item of jewelry was my favorite.

Every charm was precious and meaningful.

The basketball was for my Papa, who played on the VIP All Star team in the Korean War for the Navy and was an obsessive Laker fan,something he passed onto me.

The ballerina represented Lenna because she was dancing before she could walk.

Ironically, the Eiffel Tower was for Nana (Lenna Jean) who always loved to travel and bought before Lenna was so in love with Paris, serendipitous. It was also Lenna’s favorite charm as a baby.

The St Jude charm represented my son, Jude Connor, named after Papa, J.C.

The Cinderella coach was for me because of my Disney days and my love of that Disney movie. It’s in my top five favorites.

The Anchor βš“οΈ is for Aaron because he was a Coastie, seaman, a sailor, and my anchor in life.

There is a mother heart charm the kids got for me for Mother’s Day a few years ago.

Finally, the dog was for all the dogs in my life that we had lost to the rainbow 🌈 bridge. Coach, Bubba, Cody, and last year our service dog, Duke.

Before heart surgery I wore it everywhere. Even Around the house. (This is endometriosis belly by the way, I’m not pregnant.)

This bracelet was an Anniversary gift from my husband when we lived in Eureka. We have added charms over the last seven years. I’m not even sure I could replace all the charms. I have no idea why but I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t stop looking for it and praying that I would find it.

So I searched…

It should have been in my jewelry box.

My replica jewelry box we found in Spring Lake Michigan at an antique shop where I keep my jewelry now. It was both there.

The original jewelry box Papa brought home to Nana from Asia when he was in the navy that sits on our mantel. Not there.

My jewelry box from high school Papa gave me. No charm bracket.

My memory box. Lots of Post cards and other such things but no charm bracelet !

My sewing tin, just in case…

This beautiful piece my Great Aunt Kathleen gave me when I got married.

Oh look, the original setting my engagement diamond was in there. Still no charm bracelet…

I even checked the elephant I keep my chunky necklaces in. Nada!

I double checked my bag of Disney memorabilia. No luck…

I was starting to fear it was accidentally thrown away.

And there is no oscar the grouch to ask to return it.πŸ˜•

I sat down and cried. Praying as I sobbed. Maybe it’s the stress of the three bad EKGs and almost being admitted to hospital tonight that has finally broken me. Maybe it’s my fear my heart is getting worse, or perhaps it is the stress of the bedbugs and upcoming move. I have no idea what was wrong with me, but I couldn’t make myself stop looking for the bracelet, even after two hours of searching, sobbing, and praying while utterly exhausted. I dragged myself back to my room, defeated and dejected and decided to pray one more time and try to look some more tomorrow.

Out of the blue as I was sitting in the bed looking at the wall, I got a feeling I should check the closed section on the shelf where I keep Nana’s pencil sharpener collection.

There they were. Safe and sound. In a cubby hole the hubby keeps things.

You can’t see the tears but I fell to my knees and thanked my Heavenly Father for leading me to a spot I would have never thought to look.

I know people think prayer is pointless but mine was answered tonight. And I was praying the entire search and all of this week that this bracelet would turn up.πŸ™πŸ»Because unlike the silver ‘Papa’s Girl’ necklaces that went missing in 2006, The charm bracelet might never have been replaced.

Papa gave me the necklace I am wearing above for my 16th birthday and one with a ring on it when I got married at 21.

You can’t see the second version but it’s under my wedding gown. It was lost in the move between California to Virginia.

This is the one ( version three) I had made the day after he died. It needs a good cleaning and a chain, but I still have it nine years later.

I honestly am not a huge collector of jewelry. But since I just went through my collection I might as well share.

My wedding set. My ‘bump gift’ from the hubby when I was pregnant with Lenna, and a rose gold band to wear with it that was bought two years ago for my birthday and Christmas gift. I wear the rose gold see sometimes when I feel like a change. I cherish both rings.

My trusty Citzen watch that was a Birthday gift years ago. I usually wear this now instead of the charm bracelet day to day. I should always be wearing a medic alert bracelet but we need to update mine.

The last piece in my collection is this gold necklace that is a piece I saw on the Duchesse of Cambridge and fell in love with. It was my Birthday, Christmas, and Anniversary gift that year and made in England! The two charms have my Childrens names and birth dates. The circle disk says ‘Family is Forever’ and has our anniversary on the back. The small heart had an ‘A’ for my husband.

I’m not sure what panic attacks are, but I have only ever felt as crazy, out of control, and desperate once before and that was crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. I’m terrified the bridge will collapse in an earthquake when I am driving on it and the city of San Francisco gives me hives. We used to go through Lake County to avoid that part of the trip from Northern to Southern Calif.

Pretty to look at, please don’t put me on it!

So now I have my charm bracelet and I am trying to figure out how to calm myself down. My heart is still racing !

I’m so grateful it was found because after the fourth time Aaron lost his wedding ring USAA dropped our jewelry insurance clause.

So, that is a peak inside my jewelry box. At least all my pieces are documented if we ever get insurance back for them! 😳

September has been a month of horrors. It has been painful, full of ER visits and a hospital stay and insomnia and a cold have been my constant companions. I’m so grateful it’s finally October.

Am I alone in this type of panic? Has anyone else ever lost or misplaced a piece of jewelry and felt this way?

Did I really just have a mental breakdown over a charm bracelet?

Clearly I am mentally more stressed than I realized.

Jude has flag Football in four hours. I need to pretend to sleep. Plus I have a Groupon to use and promised the kids breakfast after the 🏈 fun!

Goodnight πŸŒ™ from crazy town!


8 thoughts on “My life in charms was missing….”

  1. A panic attack is an episode of stress on the body resulting in racing thoughts, elevated heart rate, and inability to breathe. Usually the person will hyperventilate unless they work to control their breathing. A few people hold their breath. But I totally understand the need to find something right then. How it becomes a life or death matter. I pray the coming months become easier for you. Make sure to leave the bedbugs in Colorado!!!!!!

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  2. I get this!!! My dear 2nd husband died in 2013 and I had always worn the beautiful engagement ring he had given me. It has 2 heart shaped diamonds in it. August of last year I was packing up my daughter’s room for our move and looked down at my hand. One of the diamonds was GONE!!! I searched for hours. Cried for days. Never found it. I put the ring away and now as I sit here typing this I realize I have no clue where that is now! 😒

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