I had the absolute pleasure of working at Disneyland in my teens and twenties.

Storybook Land Canal Boats 🚣 Tour Guide Crystal Jean<<<
de friends for life while having the time of my life. My little sister got to tag along when I worked there.This was our favorite Aladin. <<<
n my daughter was born she went as an infant. (Thanks Eric for signing us in!)We taught her to say “Argh” when you asked her: What does a Pirate say?” She was 9 months.

n 2014 I was lucky enough to make it for a Tour Guide Reunion to connect with old friends. I also got to take my two and four year old to the park with a girlfriend whose daughter was three. In true ex Cast Member style we dressed them up as Windy (4) my daughter, PeterPan (2) my son, and Tinker belle (3) my girlfriends daughter.That ballon was 16.50$Casey Jr and AliceFour and two and they rocked Splash Mt! Hey, they were tall enough!one worn out Peter Pan and my favorite spot in the park. Dole Whip and the Tiki Room! <<<
as an amazing day in 2014 and I am so grateful to Heather for tagging along and dressing up her daughter as Tink!

Jeremiah was kind enough to get me and the kids in although we couldn't talk him into going on rides with us.

Memories last a lifetime and this day was absolutely enchanting in every way!



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