Early, me? It happened…

I had two appointments today at University of Colorado Hospital. I had to get my INR checked in order to do my SI Joint injections.

I was early to both! BOTH!

I thought my INR appointment was at 8:40 but it was at 11:20. They let me take a 9:20 appointment and I spent forty minutes chatting with a lovely Dessert Storm Veteran and his wife.

Just a finger poke and my INR is 1.7 so it’s not high enough but perfect for the procedure. I have to get a stick (blood draw) on Thursday to recheck it and take 10mg instead of 7.5mg today.

I thought my SI Joint appointment was at 11:30 and as it was in a separate part of the hospital, I picked up my van from valet and spent a half hour getting gas. Traffic being a bit heavy due to construction I didn’t go home, and decided to just be little early for my second appointment.

That was good because they figured out the referral was not processed. However, my appointment was not actually at 11:30. It was at 12:30, and I got there at 10:45.

Here I sit hoping that my vitals are good and they let me do the procedure. It’s a case by case thing when you have Lupus and had dehydration over the weekend. 🤷‍♀️

Plus they asked about bedbugs and although the apartment is clear of them now I’m worried that my hospital stay in September will disqualify me today for the procedure. I also can’t get my stupid leasing office to pick up and email me the all clear from the terminator they said they would email me LAST WEEK.

Everyone cross your fingers and pray I get my shots. I sure need them before the move! 🙏🏻

We shall see.

Update: I got my injections.

They numb you up at the spot on each hip, insert dye and then put in the medicine. The pain relief should last six months to a year.Hospital chic! I’d never be an extra on a hospital show. 😂 I had the coolest doctor doing the injections. He plugged in my iTunes and we rocked out to Marron Five for the procedure! All done and heading home! Yay! Cheers,

Notice the time? 13:52. There is my number again. 52 why do you haunt me!🤣 Cheers,


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