Exhibit 1252 to prove I am cursed!

I have theorized I am cursed. Y’all argue against it, but I’m about to admit into evidence exhibit 1252 to the case:

At 9:46am I was walking into my appointment at National Jewish to see my Lupus Doctor.

See the road right by the statue?

I was hit by a man on a bicycle 🚴🏻 who had one hand on his brown bag whisky and the other on his cigaret. I saw him and he was headed behind me, apparently he swerved. He hit me at full speed on my left side and burned me with his cig. By the time I had picked up my purse and O2 tank, he was gone.

By the end of my appointment I was limping, my baby toe was swelling, and my ribs and pelvis hurt. Apt depiction of how I feel. 🤣

The Lupus doctor sent me to the ER at University. She felt sure I had muscle bruising and bruised ribs. Plus, my left side has my bad lung, bad heart, and cyst growing ovary. So, here I am, back in an ER, when all I wanted to do is go home! And to add insult to injury I broke out in hives from the nausea medication in my IV! This is NOT fun. And, it really itches.

The only thing that went right for me was the two stick poke and they got a 20 in so I won’t need an EJ for the abdomen CT the ER doctor (who looks sixteen, I will try to get a picture) has ordered. No fooling if you were to add an orange checkered shirt and straight non frizzy hair, you got Dr. Easter. Who is very sweet. He’s too young to be jaded.

But as my Lupus Doctor pointed out. I look pretty for such broken insides. I freely admit to using every filter until I found one that covered the dark circles under my eyes.

So about the Lupus appointment:

My Lupus doctor maybe agrees with the PE doctor, it is ‘most likely’ not Sjogrens causing the blood clots and lung tissue issue. However, she still wouldn’t conclusively say I had LUPUS! Even as she mentioned my blood tests pointed in that direction and I had EVERY symptom but the butterfly rash. Instead she prattled on about me having fibromyalgia and tried to put me on prescriptions for that. I told her I manage fine and would do diet changes and rather take flexeirl as I know it does not make me sleepy. Thank the heavens above she agreed. So there is another disease to add to my ‘collectors’ list. It wasn’t a diagnosis I wanted. But thanks for my muscle relaxers.

Honestly, I was livid, and told her that Dr. Badland demanded a second opinion because the only patients my age with my conditions have Lupus. Add in my medical history and all roads lead to Lupus AND Sjogrens. With my family history and just the last year, it’s the only thing that makes sense.

The Lupus doctor nodded saying: “true, they makes sense.” But she still wouldn’t commit to Lupus.

What in the heck?

Here is what she did say: “Stay on the plaquenil and we can see what a doctor says after you’ve been on it six months. Your new doctor in Portland can make the call.on if we need to be more aggressive for a Lupus diagnosis. We needed the mad cat over this, cause what the heck does that even mean?

So, basically she is going to let the doctor in Portland decide if we have to get more aggressive with treatment. And she agrees it’s Lupus but won’t say that or put the diagnosis on my chart. No, really, thanks a lot.

The only good news is the Lupus Doctor concurred with every other Doctor that just being in Portland with its lower elevation and damp climate should calm things down from a Sjogrens stand point.I promise to be more excited on a day that hasn’t gone to hell in a hand basket.

The problem is that without that diagnoses of LUPUS it complicates everything the PE doctor is trying to work on. You know, right now, in October, when the Lupus is killing my lungs and not allowing my heart to heal. The PE Doctor needs to this diagnosis to possibly schedule a major surgery where that diagnosis matters. Or as today proved a bike ridden by a drunk!

And while I wrote this blog Post, I scheduled three more appointments at National Jewish, and got a reminder to re schedule the Pulmonary Function test before I leave. Preferably before my ‘swan echo or echo swan’ that is on the 26thDon’t let the ‘swan’ part fool you. This procedure is rather horrifying and they need me to be awake. Lovely, no?

The funnest part of moving is going to be tracking down all my records. These are my records for 2012-2014 with my old Primary Care Doctor.

Next, I have to track down doctors in Portland who will take a patient with records that could be used as a weapon! I will need it!

Also I am still waiting on pain medication, and should probably get off my phone to save the battery!

They are wheeling me out for an abdominal CT. Y’all are lucky I get sarcastic and angry and not emo and depressed over major days like today.cause the IV blew right after the scan, cause, me. So now we do the IV song and dance again!

Oi, with the puddles,


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