Bad ER visit VS a good ER visit.

Bad Doctors. Bad pain. Bad labs. Bad nurses.

I did this vomit and🤢 then drop 02 three times I took video of the third to prove it.

This was thankfully the lowest it dropped. Every nurse and Doctor refused to watch the video.

The next day. Great Doctor. My favorite nurse. Labs looked good. Got me pain meds I needed and sent me home.  I’m going to miss some nurses so much. Be nice to nurses.  Took a selfie while waiting for my amazing pelvic pain doc fit me in on his lunch break. So I got lidocaine injections and my bladder wash for my IC. Dr. Mocher is my hero! Sadly though I ended up in the ER and this time the doctor is saying if my pain doesn’t go down after just one dose of medication I’m admitted. Yuck 🤢


He also put me on this weird o2 thing. Okay. …..

Pain still a high 7 so this blows. But I AM NOT staying here!

Stupid man with a bike. Who ran me down. Ugh


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