My ovary hates me.

So on Monday I looked like this.

Which prompted my OBGYN doctor to send me to the ER to get a ultrasound done.

My boggart is this ultrasound.

For the people wondering what a boggart is. I write Harry Potter FanFiction so I will use terms from that world often.

It hurts, like you cry and beg hurts. It’s torture. Why? I have rectovaginal endometriosis. The bulk of my scaring is right where they shove the wand around. To those who have no idea what I am talking about.

I was bleeding from my rectum since I was 16 and was 26 when I was finally diagnosed. I also like to grow ‘complex’ cysts on the only ovary I have left. ( we lost the right in 2008) here is some more medical mumbo jumbo.

My symptoms are typically abdominal swelling and excruciating pain. I also like to grow more that one. Although, typically, they are ‘simple’ cysts.

Mine don’t fall off my ovary. They rupture or collapse and can get rather large. It’s very painful and as I have Lupus and a history of clotting trying to use birth control is not an option. Also, not an option: removing the ovary. As a Lupus patient I need the natural hormones.

I feel a combination of endometriosis and Lupus is creating these cysts. I’ve had them every month since April of this year.

This is the night before Easter and the day of Easter. I had three ‘simple cysts’ one the same size as my ovary.

They just have to burst or go away on their own. It’s usually nine to fourteen days of hell.

The ONGYN doesn’t issue pain meds. Advil and Tylenol are what they tell you to so. I can’t take Advil due to my blood thinner.

Tonight I am in the hospital because my hip which was injured last week (when I was hit by a drunk man on a bike) gave out on me and I fell and hit my head. Luckily I didn’t re injure my hip and my brain doesn’t have a bleed.

Troubling, my INR is 1.5. We need it to be 2.0 or higher. I can’t keep my INR regulated and it’s bothering me greatly.

Messy bed head

I will have to bridge with shots until it is rechecked at 2.0 or higher. I hate shots.

Thankfully the doctor doesn’t want to do another ultrasound to look at the cyst (bless her) and I will go home to hopefully sleep this off.

Until that time I’m getting some fluids and have my BFF of technology

My tens unit ❤️❤️❤️

What is a tens unit?

I probably love my heating pad more but both together are my jam.

If you have painful periods or pain at all that causes upset to your life. Tens units are not that expensive and well worth the investment.

Be sure to stock up on the electrode pads when you buy your unit.

I suggest Amazon personally. My unit was around 30$ and came with 4 pads. I needed more pads. For me a set of two pads lasted 7-10 uses.

For tonight, though, I am just being give a bridge shot and the Doctor wants me to re take my blood thinner in case I threw it up tonight. Just three a few days ago it was 2.6. I can’t understand why it keeps fluctuating.

That, however, is for me to work with the hematologist on. The appointment I missed today because I was too ill to make it.

Very thankful to be going home tonight.



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