Anderson Farm Day!

It was a drive but totally worth the time and gas to spend an afternoon down on the farm.

You’ll know you made it by the large pumpkin ğŸŽƒ and the heavy traffic going in and out!

We found a spot after about ten minutes that even had a cart in it. (My boots are from ğŸŽ¯ Target)

The cart came in handy to haul my O2 tank!

First bit of advice….

Buy your tickets ONLINE! You can even be slick like my sister-in-law was and do it in line with your SMART phone 📱 But in case service is an issue. Pre-order tickets.

Second bit of advice

Sunscreen WILL be needed. Everything is outside and the website does also recommend boots. It’s dusty and with a bit of rain could easily be muddy.

Third thing to know?

All of the rides, mazes, play areas are included in your admission. But for everything else it’s all cash only!

There are a lot of fun free activities and also a mix of things you pay for… like face painting.

This is the first time I have ever been suckered (bullied) into this, and I let the artist just ‘freestyle’ what she wanted. The kids loved it. I can’t recall ever having my face painted as an adult, so, I suppose I can knock it off the bucket list.

Daddy refused, numerous times, vocally, so the kids had to settle on just me matching them. Bad show, Pops!!!

Lenna loved hers and was sad to wash it off. So we took another picture. Jude wouldn’t stay still for his picture to be taken.

Back to the farm! What a MASIVE amount of things you have to do.

The place is huge! I think you could spend the whole day there and still not manage to do everything.

The first thing we did was eat!

Daddy loved the spicy sausage. Lenna and I had Chicken. Jude had a corn dog. We all shared a Lemonade which was very tasty. Plus, funnel cake. An absolute must as it’s Grandpa’s favorite.

A miracle happened. I ACTUALLY got a bite of funnel cake. No, really, I always miss out. It was yummy!

Next was gathering up all 7 kids (5 cousins) and the rest of the family and heading for the tractor ride.

I would like to point out they picked the Ride with the longest line!

Video on my YouTube Tractor Ride and other fun!

After that we found the animals!

Watch out, they bite! Lol

A bigger petting zoo can be seen in the video link above and there was a live band playing as well.

But we had seven kids all eight and under, we had some wearing em down to do!

Now this is where Anderson Farm’s shined for me.

They had a kids maze!

Video up on my YouTube Kids maze fun

Play ground!

There was a 🚂 train to climb on!

Carts to race 🏁

And the epic tire pile.

I made the mistake of letting Jude get competitive. He had to beat his time of thirty seconds. Then his time of fourteen seconds. Let’s just say he isn’t a quitter and in pretty heavy hiking boots he conquered his goal!

The fist bump at the end made standing there for an hour worth it. He WOULD not give up!

You go Jude Connor!

A random thing the kids spent a lot of time playing with.

Now things to know.

The corn maze and pumpkin patch close at six. So you might wish to do the maze first. We missed it because our five year old was simply too tired (hour climbing tires perhaps) and it was dinner time so we had to head home.

A fit of epic proportions followed us leaving. Even though he could barely walk he just wanted to stay and do more!

If your child wishes to paint a pumpkin do that first so it has time to dry!

Concession stands, food carts, vending machines are everywhere. You can also bring your own food and have birthday parties there. Even cooler you can reserve a camp fire for night time and roast marshmallows or whatever you wish! Super neat!

It was a bit crowded but we give this Farm a big thumbs up. Lots of staff to help you, a huge area to explore, night activities for older kids and adults.

This is a family run farm and you could tell. Lovely staff, worked with children with disabilities, lock down the gates if a child is lost.

We had an absolute blast and would recommend a day here to anyone in the Denver and Fort Collins area.

As a reminder here is the full details for the farm from my previous post:

The Fall Festival at Anderson Farms returns September 20th – October 31st, 2017 Anderson Farms Fall Festival has something fun for everyone in the family. Get lost in the 30-acre corn maze. There are 3 levels of games to choose from. Take a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch and pick from over 70 varieties of pumpkins, squash and gourds while admiring the beautiful view of Mt Meeker & Longs Peak. Ride the barrel train, pedal karts, and mine cars. Check out Kiddie Korral playground, feed the pygmy goats and much more! After dark, stay for Terror in the Corn & Zombie Paintball Hunt. Rent a private campfire and roast marshmallows with your friends. New!! Check out the Escape Room and Paintball Shooting Gallery. Open daily September 20th – October 31st, 2017.


We say, don’t miss out on this fun adventure. We had a wonderful time!

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