Y’all know what happens when you ASSuME things….

Saw my hematologist today (blood Doctor) this morning. He’s awesome and we love him. He took the time to explain some things about the procedure next Thursday.

He called it a swan cath. Some things I knew, you have to be awake, going through my right jugular with some cool camera, taking the pressure. Okay, yep, I was in the know. It’s gonna suck and I go home. But…. suddenly, he started telling me what to expect with what they find in the procedure. Apparently, if the clots in my lungs are large or unstable, the whole game changes. If I do have a clot in my valve, again, the whole game changes.

I don’t know how I didn’t connect all these dots, but if 1+2=3 I go home with a future surgery date. But if 1+2=8 I could go directly to being hospitalized again and do not get to pass go.

Best case: the clots are small, stable, and I am getting enough blood flow to my lungs that NOTHING has to be done. My internal pressure in my heart is good and the valve looks fine and clot free. They have a clearer picture of what is going on thanks to the dye; and we shake hands and I go on with my life.

However, since we know I rarely if ever am ‘best case’ girl. (I am quoting the doctor here) he’s expecting I will need surgery. How soon? He’s not sure.

So, we know nothing until the 26th and I am just going to file that under worry later.

I saw my pain doctor at the spine clinic, average visit.

Fielded calls over a procedure we had to move four times, no problem.

Returned to the cancer center for them to fail to get enough blood out of me and still get my finger stuck. Sure, fine, whatever. I got to see Pharmacist Patrick whose pretty cool and have a chat. Sweet of him to work me into his schedule. It’s just time ticking by.

Let’s talk about the next assumption that was made recently.

November 13th and the Portland VA.

This seemed fishy to me when the hubby said it. As the days went by and NOTHING came through in writing I really started to question this date. First, I believe nothing of what I hear from Uncle Sam and half of what I read. There are NO written orders. Could we still have to be in Portland by Nov 13th? Absolutely. But until I see this in writing, I am working off the ‘fake news’ reality. It takes Uncle Sam 2-3 months to scratch an itch.

Laugh it up but anyone whose worked for Uncle Sam knows this is true!

I personally think this ‘transfer’ will be around December (at the earliest) and we will be here for November.

This changes rather a lot with my medical chaos so I am very hopeful we have ‘something’ in writing before I see my primary care doc this Friday. Optimistic of me? Very. But what am I if not a dreamer?

All of this is why I am making this face today.

Just one day, ONE day without chaos would be fantastic.

Oh, and I still made it to Physical therapy and did seven miles on the bike.

On Wednesday we wear pink!

Got the kiddos from school and am now ready for bed, because tomorrow is chest injection day. If it’s anything like last time, it is going to suck. Majorly.

But I am a mom, so back to forcing children to do homework, laundry, dishes and dinner I go.

Mad props to anyone else trying to juggle medical drama with family and work. I just barely had time to edit and post a chapter last night and can’t imagine how some of you manage all this and still work full time.



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