Tricks or Treats

We decided to explore Washington Park in Denver tonight with the kids for Halloween 🎃 this is an area of Denver that I drool over. The houses are incredible. No two are really the same. Most were built between 1930 and 1960 and usually updated in the 90s to present. It’s an eclectic mix of architecture and style.

Basically, my dream neighborhood.

It’s streets of modernism, old brick, and craftsman style homes with stunning unique features at every turn. These are the houses we used to tour when I was a kid with my Nana with the Heritage Society in my home town.

Viewable from the street I offer for your enjoyment ‘Ronald McDonald goes to Washington’ by Brian Moore.

There was a Crystal chandelier in this house that left me breathless.

It was like I had been transported to Stars Hollow. With free books!

And safety signs Taylor would be proud of!

My two Little’s had a blast! And got a ton of candy we now have to ration and hide.

(The glow necklaces were handed out at one of the houses!)

Batman and Batgirl had so much fun!

So, if you are ever in Denver for Halloween, we highly suggest Washington Park. Just park on a street and start exploring. Everyone is friendly and if you’re lucky 🍀 they might still be handing out adult beverages along with candy.

Yeah, that happened! Pretty sure the scotch was older than me. 😂 The bartender was a lawyer, allegedly.

I think they felt sorry for the freezing California girl begging for info on the World Series on Oxygen.

My costume was called FREEZING!!! It was in the 40s!

These two did not care. The things we do for kids!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween.



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