Well, that was scary.

After a week of cuddling with sick kiddos

I got sick too! Thank you autoimmune.

Oh well, it is worth it. They may be sick but cuddle time wins me over every single time. I wasn’t going to not cuddle the kiddos.

The candy bar gets me, it really really gets me.

All good things however come to an end. Thursday afternoon I remember getting out of the van, and that is it. I woke up on the floor of our bedroom with my chest breaking as my husband tried to keep me alive.

This led to 24 hours of pure hell.

If you live in Aurora, stay away from the Medical Center of Aurora. It’s super busy, the doctors love to make assumptions, and they never have enough nurses.

I am home now in misery since they didn’t treat my pain at all and have been crying for over 24 hours.

Lesson learned here: avoid CPR after open heart surgery at all costs. I am not a depressive person and spending this much time this high on the pain scale is pushing me to the brink of what I can withstand.

We have no idea why my heart stopped or if it will happen again.


Even more upsetting they never did an echocardiogram, contacted any of my specialists, had a cardiologist see me, or even contact my PCM.

They also put a central line in when my INR was not therapeutic and would not bridge me to prevent a clot.

Worst hospital experience ever.

2 thoughts on “Well, that was scary.”

  1. Oh my word! Doctors can be such major league idiots! 👿 I hope that you’re able to find a good medical team to treat you properly! I’ll be praying for you. 💜 I hope you can find some way to manage the pain. Stay strong!

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