Day off or off day?

My little man is down with the flu. I’ve not been able to keep solid food down for over a week now. So far I have stayed out of the ED.

I’m living on the shakeology shakes with almond milk and lots and lots of water. Sips of both all day. ✔️

If I can just make it till my GI apt I will be happy. Hopefully that doctor will have some answers.

I know the GI doc will not want to do the scan I need which requires me to be put out (not twilight but out) so he can figure out what was spotted in the camera pill study. I’m not stupid -at my weight with my medical history- this will be a tough sell.

So, what did my stubborn butt do today? I tried to work out before my shower and running to get food (kids gotta eat) and well…


It was 6 minutes of fail! Uploaded the last 45 seconds. I was working so hard not to vomit in the end. 🤦‍♀️

I was able to keep some veggies down though! That’s a plus. The kids ate more of the dressing than the veggies though!

Even though this day was super crazy! There was one surprise!

Down 5-6 pounds.

Ha! The great slim down 2018 continues!



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