A Spoonie week.

I was supposed to fly out to see my family with the kids last Tuesday. Instead, after seeing my doctor for severe sudden onset edema (swelling) in my legs. I spent the entire night and half the morning in the ED while they looked for a blood clot, scared the crap out of me by telling me I would need surgery if they found one, and telling me I had to cancel my plans to fly.

SouthWest refunded our tickets, btw. It took 45 min on hold but they refunded everything after I explained what was going on. Fly southwest. They have 5 out of 5 stars with me.

Why would they think there was a blood clot?

I failed this test.

They did this test when I should have had a positive and it was negative.

So, needless to say, the ED doc was not amused and ran a TON of tests and did a CT with contrast of my lungs. He was sure it was a PE and I’d be admitted.

Plot twist!!!

No PE’s found.

My what in the heck is going on face!!!

The ED doc had four theories he discussed with the radiologist and shared with me.

1: False positive (happens a lot) but I DID have edema so that made this choice unlikely.

2. Small clot hiding in the black void where my two clots have made a section of my lungs. This was most likely as you can’t see half of one lung due to the Pulmonary Embolisms from spring 2017.

If I developed chest pain or Shortness of breath come back ASAP.

3. LUPUS. This was the most likely reason, however, since my other tests were negative every other time, it’s a toss up.

4. Clot somewhere else. Probably my uterus where I had multiple follicles present.

What did I think happened? I totally picked option 3. Lupus, it’s always Lupus.

However, my GI bleed worsened. Clotted and fresh blood. Total misery. Two days after the positive D-Dimer, my GI bleed got 100% worse.

They wanted me to go to the ED Wednesday. But, I was not ready to put up with more of the ED. I was done.

Especially when I saw that a ED doctor DRUG TESTED me without saying a word.

The positives are my two active RX and he can suck it. I’m never seeing this doctor again. He was a total jerk from start to finish.

But, it’s me, so it’s not like things calmed down.

So, after three days of this constant bleeding: I called my doctors office back and the doctor ordered me to the ED to get examined.

It was a total waste of time and the one stick 20 IV. This Emergency doc said my labs were fine and to get lost, there was no GI on call so even if I was bleeding out he couldn’t help me. I pointed out he could at least help me by documenting there was blood present in my stool to help my GI doc compel insurance for procedures.

He shrugged and told me proving a GI bleed was not his problem. He didn’t even give me fluids even though I was dry heave vomiting and dry as a bone from Sjogrens.

This means I get to call the doctor back and am probably headed down to a hospital in Vancouver.

So that sucks!!!! But let’s giggle at the doctor on Monday who ordered a pregnancy test on a woman with NO UTERUS!!

He had all my records, 2 Pelvic ultrasounds done at his hospital, and even a AbdomenL CT from the week before.

This honestly stumps me. I have no tubes. There is NO chance for any kind of pregnancy. Was he hoping for a medical miracle?

File this under crappy week and weird things doctors do!



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