Slim down on hold…


I am a medical wreck atm!!

So even though I am not eating and surviving on vegan, soy free shakes. I’ve not lost much at all. Actually, I think I gained 2 lbs

I actually miss working out. But all I can do is walk.

So, when the poor hubby didn’t respond when I was discharged at 3am sat morning and I called him for an hour.

I walked home!

My walking yesterday was pretty good too!

So, there you have it. I’m doing what I can. I don’t care because I have this meme to get me through this battle….



2 thoughts on “Slim down on hold…”

  1. Walking is actually a really good way to exercise. It is low impact, but does have impact so good for bones. It is cardio so good for the heart and circulation. And anything is better than nothing

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