Just to be clear

People often find it unbelievable that I am treated so poorly in the ER.

In a previous post, I talked about being drug tested without being told.

This doctor saw me twice. This particular visit I had imaging which proved a cyst was on my ovary.

I lost consciousness that day and feel the cyst started to collapse. I was brought in to the ER by ambulance.

Here is my ultrasound report.

So, even with documented proof that I had a reason to be in acute pain. This doctor treated me like a drug seeker.

The nurse even told me she’d had cysts and was fine and didn’t understand why I was making such a fuss.

Some women have huge cysts and never know. Other women, like me, can have small cysts and KNOW.

My pain this day was bad enough I passed out. Not a low blood pressure fainting spell. My BP was high. It was from pain.

Instead of a doctor who wanted to help me, with tests in hand backing up my narrative of why I was in pain: He drug tested me and harshly told me he wasn’t going to give me opioids. I responded back that I would not take a prescription from him. I only get prescriptions from my doctor and had my medication in order.

I’ve sent letters to my doctor about this. I’m sharing this because women die, kill themselves, because doctors act like this and ignore acute and chronic pain.

Why do endometriosis women commit suicide? Doctors like him. That’s why.

I’m lucky. My personality is anger, frustration, and a desire to make sure others know this happens.

I’m going to call the hospital patient advocate about this. I’m going to fight.

If you need someone to back you up so you can fight too. I am here for you. Don’t let them treat you like an addict. Because even when I passed his drug test. He still treated me like crap.

If I could find this shirt in my size. I’d put it on the next time I see him.



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