A redhead at the dentist.

We got lucky and they had a cancellation so I could get that deep cavity on tooth #29 filled. This was found Friday and Dr Lee (who we LOVE) told me he would work me in Monday to get this fixed before we leave for vacation.

It’s one of those teeth. Can you spot it?

It was close to the root so I was super happy it could be dealt with( Dr Lee kept his word and worked me in) but on two hours of sleep and two kids not wanting to go to a 9:30 am appointment- my happy face needs some work.

The kids, however, were fantastic and they love my dentist Dr Lee.

My daughter even drew him a picture. (I forgot to take a picture of it, let’s not tell her!!!)

AND …. he showed up and had lunch with us after the appointment. Totally unplanned and made my daughters day!!!

Thanks, Dr Lee!

So dental work is rough on me because I am a redhead (yes this is a thing) and it takes a ton of medication to numb me and with my medical history and low blood pressure, things can get complicated.

My BP was 100/64 lower than he would have liked but good enough to dig out and fill a cavity.

So let’s get me numb.

First round: I only went numb for about ten min.

Round two: We made it twenty.

Keep in mind dentists hop from patients to patient. I got lucky and another was a no-show so he was able to sit down for round three.

Round three: We started drilling, that went well for about five minutes.

Round four did the trick: We got out the cavity and the root was not exposed.

It has now been an hour and a half and these kids are still minding their manners!

Me? I had to ask for the bite guard cause my jaw was sore.

It took less time to fix and fill the cavity than it did to numb me up.

Also, this is some high tech Star Wars stuff going on! This heats up to set the filling?

Well, that is an awesome view up my nose. Just keeping it classy!

So, my husband works for the VA in dental and the back and forth over what I was being given was awesome.

To be fair, even the dentist had to check the spelling.

Sidebar: follow this man on YouTube. Alonzo and his beef with Wendy’s Twitter left me laughing for days!

Well, that is #29 done. We will do this song and dance again on Sept 21st for the second of the three cavities. We have to do them one at a time, obviously.



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