Goodbye Apple..

Its been fun having an iPhone the last 7 years. However, when they ditched the headphone plug in they lost me. I stuck it out for a bit.

But, if I can’t listen to iTunes what’s the point of having an iPhone? I was spending all my money on the converter thing and that annoyed me. I HATE bluetooth headsets: one more thing to plug in and charge, no thanks.

So, when my iPhone started NOT charging. Missing calls. Triple down loading my music. And when I realised the camera was subpar. I FINALLY allowed Aaron to switch me to a android.

I have no idea how to use it. I think the hubby transferred all my music. I’m sure I will love the phone eventually.

However, we are in are in a getting know you phase and I hate change.

Why did I do this on vacation? Oh, right my iPhone died on me.

Ugh! Also, I miss my ringtones for each person. I had a system!!! Off to cry in the shower.

Hashtag TRUTH

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