No more ER for me!

Late Post: This was from Tuesday

Three times now my primary care clinic has sent me to the ER for fluids, tests, and meds.

Let me explain why: the Er can do tests STAT. So, when we need to know something that is where I am sent.

I am an impossible stick. Even the cancer infusion nurses can’t get an IV in me. Today was eight sticks.

My BP is low. 90/64 , 87/60 , 100/58

I need fluids and was sent to get some by my clinic who knew they’d never get an IV in me. The ultrasound machine is in the ER so off I went. Added bonus, the ER can do neck IVs if worse comes to worse.

The Problem?

The ER doctor, however, refused to give me any. He refused to even run the blood tests they wanted to be done. He basically was a total tool. This isn’t an isolated incident. This ER is really being unhelpful.

So, today my primary doctor attempted to get me fluids. She wasn’t going to do the song and dance of suckage which is the ER until she gets some backup. She is pissed not happy with how those doctors are treating me.

Side note: I love my doctor and her staff. They make my day every time I see them.

My doctor even gave me a note for the airport. She. Is. Amazing.

Back to the fluids. No luck, and they really tried. So, got a shot for pain and headed home.


Spoonie rant over.

2 thoughts on “No more ER for me!”

  1. Ports, Picc lines, and central lines are awesome for hard to sticks who need IVs often. As a nurse I love them, but as a nurse I also know you can’t have them forevers.

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