Virginia is Fun!

Vacation day 2

After a bit of a lie in because we are still adjusting to EST, we had some breakfast and got to play with the cousins.

My lil man was super excited to hold his baby cousin! She, however, was less enthused by this idea.

But, she liked the dude better than the goose! So, take that sissy!

We went to the library and played.


A LOT of concentration went into this project and he only got it to work twice, but he sure had fun trying!

Usually sissy holds his hand. He really felt left out…

No worries dude, you can always hold my hand. Xoxo

We had some fun at a park with some shade. It was pretty busy keeping track of them all, so no pictures!

After the park, sissy went with Auntie and the dude, mom, and I stopped at a Farmers Stand by the house.

We picked out some yummy peaches and veggies. It was lovely to support local farms.

Dinner was a masterpiece of grilling by Uncle Tom.

Burgers and veggies. Yum yum!

We kept the veggies warm while he finished the burgers and there were no leftovers to be had.

The kids went on a walk with Nana where poor sissy was eaten alive by mosquitos.


After the walk, we said goodbye to the cousins and headed to bed. We were tuckered out!



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