Day of rest.

Vacation day 4

I could barely keep my eyes open today. Lucky for me my mom was tired as well and we had to do laundry.

I’ve been trying to be super good at remembering to eat this trip. If you’re wondering why on earth I’d need to remember to do that. Let me the cliff notes you to catch you up: Pain, Lupus, Pain, GI Bleed, Pain, Endometriosis, and more pain.

It all means I have little to no hunger and have lots of foods I can’t even eat.

My typical breakfast.

The tea I drink is supposed to help with pain. You can find it on Amazon.

Same with my vega clean protein powder.

Nana took the kids to the dollar store and we had family time in the afternoon!

The dude was super into his dart guns!

We had some lasagna for dinner and I actually fell asleep around seven. So while I wait for my naproxen to work I had a chance to update the blog posts so we are all up to date!

And on that note, I am headed to bed because when this posts we will be on the morning dolphin sighting boat!



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