Swimming and the Beach!

Vacation day 3

The kids slept in, again!

My little girl has discovered that bug bites stuck.

You better believe she sticks around for bug spray now!

Also, we have discovered that my Witch I Love Your Hair Spray works on bug bites. We tested it on ….

Uncle Tom! Who forgot bug spray too!

Once we were awake and moving it was time for swimming with the cousins.

Please pause however for this awesome hair selfie!

And the filter that made my hair this red.

Okay moving on….swimming…

The kids had a blast while mommy slathered herself in SPF 70 and stayed in the shade with a hat.

The kids kept Uncle Tom busy and every adult had to watch out for the dude who was on a mission to find danger.

After we left the pool and changed we headed to dinner on the boardwalk.

That’s Tony spelled backwards. I didn’t catch it at first either. 😂

The kids got pizza dough to play with and the food was AMAZING.

A veggie special with no sauce and Chicken Parmesan.

Next was the boardwalk. Virgina Beach Style.

This was unplanned by us. She wanted to dance and Jude obliged. Until the end: we will have to work with him on proper dancing manners.


The actual boardwalk itself:

We really enjoyed the live music and sea breeze.

I couldn’t pass this up. Three years apart. Two different oceans. Same sense of awe.

Then around the time we needed to leave, I noticed my endo belly.

This happens all the time and we (the endo community) are never sure why. I didn’t feel like my pain was super bad. Your guess is as good as mine.

We grabbed showers to wash off the sand and fell into bed. It was a great day!



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