Boat, boat, we went on a boat!

Vacation day 5 (Part 1)

Wow was this an early morning. We were up at six in the morning getting ready to get to the early bird boat ride to see the dolphins along the Atlantic coast.
Rudee Tours
We took advantage of the early bird special and are so glad we did. Not only did we get 5$ off each ticket, we were off the water before it got too hot and saw a TON of dolphins.

Nana got the souvenir shot. I haven’t even seen it yet. I also have no idea where she put it. If I don’t look like death I will upload it when it is found. Ha!

The kids have never been on a big boat on the ocean. They both LOVED it.


Fearlessly they both wandered the boat and it was a hassle to keep up with them. Jude likes the bottom of the boat while Lenna loves being up top.

Or in the snack shop. Which has a bar, meaning she wasn’t supposed to go inside alone. I think you can guess how that played out.

I’m just going to post videos some have dolphins and some are of the beautiful VA Beach shoreline.


Spot the dolphin!


Adding these houses to my dream list. They’re stunning.


Lenna did have a pretty great view all to herself up top. But, it was hard to get shots or video of the dolphins.


Uncle Tom was pretty right on about where we would find dolphins. Look for them by flocks of birds.


Lenna’s commentary. She is too pure for this world. 😂🤣😂

This pair got pretty close to the boat!


It was so fun to have this experience with my sister and brother in law.

Eventually, however, as the hour and a half ran on, the kids got a bit seasick and tired.

Minor sea sickness aside, we give this tour a five out of five stars!

Just look at that smile! I would have a similar smile from Lenna but she never stayed in one spot long, so the dude will have to do.

Oh, and here is the Obligatory selfie. 😎  I was rocking the mom look with day 4 curls. Although, I did stick my head in the sink so that I didn’t frighten people so I am not sure they are technically day 4 or not. Either way, I didn’t wash my hair so I think this counts in the ‘curly girl’ method rulebook.

With all the pictures and places we are going in one day, I have decided to break up the posts so they are not so long!
Trying something new, love to hear what you think about that!




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