Fort Story

Vacation day 5 (Part 3)

Uncle Tom suggested we go check out Fort Story and the lighthouses there. We all agreed this sounded like a great idea so we headed off for another adventure!

One of the lighthouses is open to the public and one is a still working lighthouse run by the USCG.

This is the one you can climb!

It is the Cape Henry Lighthouse and really stunning in person.

Cape Henry Lighthouse
Here is a link if you are interested in the story of this historical landmark.
The most astounding fact, it was commisioned by George Washington and overseen by Alexander Hamilton.

A few things to know:
Children have to be 42 inches to climb the lighthouse. They also cannot be carried.
It is 10$ per person, including children to make the climb.
Because two out of four kids could not go we opted to explore the gift shop and play at the knot station outside and call it a day.

Lucky for the kids, Uncle Tom knows a thing or two about tying knots.

If you have kids over 42′ this is a great off the beaten path place to visit.

If you do decide to come and visit remember that you are on federal property and just follow the rules. 🙂

So that was our day… Oh and the dog, of course we had to pet the random dog! His name is Winston after Winston Churchill and he is training to be a therapy dog.

A few quick things to know about entering Fort Story:

If you are not military with an ID prepare to have your car searched because the lighthouse is sitting on an active military base.
You might wish to look up the guidelines to get on the base before you plan a trip. There is also a picnic area and a beach. You could easily spend a full day there and have plenty to do and see.

This is the second LIghthouse that is NOT open to the public. It is run by the USCG. They said no one lived on sight which made me super curious about the house next to it. Obviously, someone used to live there.

Maybe someday they will give tours there as this lighthouse is pretty old too.

Our take away:
Fort Story is beautiful, the beach looked fantastic, and just looking at the lighthouses was frankly awe-inspiring.
We recommend adding it to your list of things to do in Virginia Beach if you have the time!

With our early morning, we had some tired kids. We quickly did a run to the grocery store and then home.

This dude was hot (Nana told him he could take off his shirt, lol) but even sweating in the Virginia summer he still helped carry in groceries. What a champ!

My body crashed on me about an hour after we got home. I helped put away groceries, got the kids a snack, laid down and didn’t wake up until ten thirty.

Current situation. That long nap really messed with my already messed up sleep schedule.

I am so grateful that my mother took over after I fell asleep after getting the kids a snack. I had grabbed a cooked chicken for dinner and I am sure my kiddos devoured it.

Now I am awake, writing these blog posts and waiting in vain for pain meds to kick in so I can fall back asleep again.

We plan on a slow morning tomorrow so we can all catch up on sleep.




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