It was a Monday…

Vacation day 6

Monday didn’t just hate me. My poor sister has strep!
Nobody really felt like going anywhere and I was running on two hours of sleep so we didn’t leave the house today. Heck, we were still in PJ’s at noon.

The real fun though was when I had to go to the ER to check for a kidney stone (labs before I left came back odd.) and the doctor had called me.

I figured I’d get a strep test while I was there, get some fluids, as I was not doing well keeping water and food down today, and let them run the tests the doctor ordered and be on my way.
It should have been a simple two-hour visit where I hopefully could get some fluids as I felt like trash today and fluids always help with muscle aches and headaches for me, both of which I had today. The pain was bad but not bad enough I was there to ask for treatment, and then:
My pain went nuclear for some reason. My BP was higher than I have seen it in a long time. Even on my worst pain days, it stays around 120-130/50-80

What the heck is this? Sure I was in a lot of pain but I was calm, we had a plan, fluids, CT scan, some meds for pain, and blood tests. Rule out the strep and call it a night if I passed all the tests.
But the nice doctor got off shift and the new doctor?
Let’s just say I am NOT a cryer and I spent a few hours doing that tonight. She cancelled all the orders but the blood and CT scan. Had them do the scan without contrast so I didn’t have an IV and got no fluids and wouldn’t even give me a toroidal shot for pain.  Toroidal is not an opioid and a decent painkiller and can be given as a shot. But she told me she saw no reason for me to need it. NO REASON. Lady, my BP is high, I am pacing in pain, crying, and you see NO REASON to give me a non-addictive drug?

Yep, she was Satan, she looked right at me with tears streaming down my face and told me to deal with it, she wasn’t wasting meds on me.

I just couldn’t deal. Another time I would have pointed out my BP being so high, my medical history, showed pictures of my swelling this week and demanded to see a different doctor or patient advocate. But, I was just not up for a fight tonight, I wanted to go home.

A huge relief through all of this drama was that my kids were with Nana having some fun and not worried about me.

They are so adorable sometimes I can’t stand it! They also had been super mellow all day so I wasn’t shocked when I got a text from Nana that Lenna was running a fever and feeling poorly.

Eek! No getting sick on vacation!!

Hopefully, we all feel better tomorrow. If not it’s off to the urgent care for all of us because that awful doctor refused to run a strep test.

I honestly hate ER doctors, they are so hit and miss. It’s okay though, I came home and rage danced for 20 min to HAVANA.
It actually did help wear me out and calm down my anger so I am hoping to be able to sleep tonight.
I will be dreaming of kids with no strep….Wish me luck!


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