Hello, Tuesday.

Vacation: Day 7

We decided to get some energy out of the kids so we went to a very loud but very fun (for kids) place called FunVille

You can bring water bottles but mmhmm it food. I would suggest earplugs – it gets loud.

You would think he’d be a bit more excited.

That frown turned upside down after he figured out what kind of fun he was going to have!

Lenna was ready to run!

This girl is a pro!

I got some baby and sissy time.

This is heaven.




Finding kids, however, best of luck. Everyone in the play area also has to have socks (including parents) you can buy some there or bring your own.

We had to head out to the car to eat. Not going to lie. I needed some quiet time and hid. Don’t worry, they found me in about a minute.

Obligatory selfie is my joy that after four hours when we were leaving! Also, curls on point!


This is the area for older kids. It’s a Ninja warrior course and it looks really cool!

My adorable baby niece says see you tomorrow!



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