Surprise Hampton visit

The tea house was closed. We were an hour too late.

So we headed to Hampton Roads to see the neighborhood I used to live in. It was full of beautiful old houses and had a historic cemetery where I had adopted a gravestone. For years I’ve prayed someone kept it clean and in good repair after I left.

It was here and my lab Cody and I walked through here every morning. The kids and I anxiously rushed in and to my shock….

The headstone was in better condition now then it had been in 2003. I have no idea what the flag and cross mean. But, I was crying I was so grateful his headstone looked so good.

It seems odd to grow attached to a man who died so long ago. But, without fail, every morning. I smiled as I read his witty yet wise headstone.

My daughter did the same. My son said he must have been funny.

My eight year old loved this headstone.

It was another one I had cleaned when living there and I told her if we had another free afternoon when it wasn’t almost 100 degrees with humidity we could come back and scrub it up.

Then we went on a quick drive to find the plantations.

These are just over the bridge.

The kids loved this red door.

They loved this one and wanted to buy it to make it pretty again. It was three stories and they tell me it must be haunted.

We needed to get back to VA Beach for dinner but my Lenna had to make another stop.

She found the National Cementary.

And discovered the sobering fact of infant mortality rate in the 1800 and early 1900’s.

She also found a lot of gravestones to take pictures of. I let her have the camera and this is her photo blog now.

After the heat became too much we finally did head on home.

It was lovely to see you, Hampton Roads. Perhaps we will meet again.

The Red family.

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