The War …..

Just when I was hoping to lose weight for my 20 year reunion in October. I will instead. Be wowing them with this massive belly!


It has been a TOUGH ten days with bronchitis.

He snuck in a full shot.

I wanted to give you a compare and contrast to when I am not inflamed and when I am.

Of course I was up and active hours later so it came back….

Tonight’s swelling might be competing.

This pic was take tonight. Where a ER doc didn’t wish to give me any treatment for pain. Yes, this is painfuld

Yea, yes it is.

Now for the real OMG a out this disease one in six wome suffer from. Here are some shots where you can guess pregnant or if it’s a endo belly?

*sidebar…. I miss this sweater**

This one is tricky. Is that endo bloat or a baby? The truth is all of them could be either.

The answer is I was pregnant in all three. Although, I was only a few weeks along in the first one and was put on bed rest at once as to not compromise the pregnancy or my only ovary. (Riddled in cyst from fertility drugs)

The last two are almost exactly the same weeks. On one I am just swelling more due to my activity level. Bed rest ended at 20 weeks with my daughter. Lihjy activity but no bed. The second time around was strict fjlln

It was a tough road. So on tough days I remind myself that although this journey with endo is hard. I st least for two murders.

My endo journey is clearly not over. I won a major battle: I got my babies.

Now to get Oregon State to start a open a pelvic pain clinic.

And to maybe listen to my husband and write a book about all I have learned 12 years of fighting this disease



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