Last day of school

Goodbye Kindergarten and second grade!

Last day of school.


First day of school.

We started the year learning French from a charter school living in Denver Colorado.

We ended the year living in a small town in Washington state and attending public school.

But we love going to school now. My daughter no longer comes home crying because she has no friends and my son actually loves going to school.

Thank you, Washington for this fresh start. We can’t wait to enjoy a small town summer and to fully explore our new state and town!


The Reds

I’m back!

Life got crazy.

Let me just say, adulting got tough, and blogging wasn’t a priority.

The big news is we are in an entire new State!

Hello from Washington!

I have a ton of pictures and stories to tell to catch y’all up on the last six months.

For now you can have a laugh at my new plates.

This was not planned and I am cheeky enough to admit I about died of laughter when the hubby showed up with them! Yes, it’s on my car! 😂



By the way…

My FanFiction story ‘Count Your Blessings’ won! Twice! I was stupid excited. As in I yelled and cried and had a coughing fit.

I have not won anything since high school for creative writing. This was pretty fun. I wrote a Dramione fanfic based off of this aesthetic.

I fell in love with this particular picture because of the Bing Crosby record. A record my grandparents had and that was played over Christmas.

Happy Holidays everyone and thank you for voting! I was so surprised and feel so amazed that the fic has been so well received.


Thanksgiving Day!

I know I am sorry it’s late. It’s been crazy around here.

For Thanksgiving we traveled to Loveland to visit friends. It was a fun drive and my hair showed up for the day 😂Hermione Granger hair ahoy!

We had the food wrapped in a thermal blanket and amazingly after all the time spent in bumper to bumper traffic it was still warm by the time we got there (hour and a half) thank you I-25

There was a pup dog, the hubby was very very happy! As you can see was the pup dog 🐕

But really it’s all about food. There was a lot of it and it was yummy 😋

There was homemade pie and cream. So, so, so good. I didn’t make the pie, this beauty did! Thank you Diane. We had a blast and ate too much and it was fabulous.

A fun Thanksgiving with friends. I hope everyone had a wonderful day with family and friends too.


Life begins ❤️

So my sister who is one of the strongest and chillest person I know decided to give me a taste of what it must be like for her with all my medical drama.

At 37 weeks she was diagnosed with preeclampsia and admitted to hospital. Her husband is deployed so our cousin headed down. Everything seemed normal, they started meds, and I had just gotten a text she was doing great.

Three minutes later my heart plummeted to my stomach when I received a text that she was being rushed into an emergency c-section.

Why? Well, all I was told was she was bleeding out. So, I sat and waited until an hour later when I was told my niece was okay. (This morning I learned they actually couldn’t find a heartbeat when she was born but is good now!) but I knew nothing about my baby sister!

It was another two hours before I got a text that she was still in the OR and a half hour after that when I was told she was okay.

The sheer terror was Un describable and my heart goes out to my poor brother in law who was on a ship as this all went down. I am so grateful she was in a large Military hospital and already had an epidural when her placenta tore.

Here is the little trouble maker! Meet Amelia! She will share alternating thanksgiving birthdays with me and hopefully like pumpkin pie.

6lbs 11oz and 19 inches of cute new baby smell.

Mother and baby are happy and healthy. So today I am thankful for modern medicine and the fact that they admitted my sister so she was already in hospital when things went pear shaped.

My sister has the kind of love stories you think are only found in fairy tales. She met Tom when she was still in middle school, at 13 she found her soul mate.

She is also a military wife who just went through all that drama with her soul mate on deployment.

So, Amelia will join my other adorable niece Natalie and a family of three is now a family of four.

Yes, Natalie is that adorable all the time!

So, cheers to the couple that taught me true love is real and the strongest woman I know.

Love you guys. ❤️

Well, that was scary.

After a week of cuddling with sick kiddos

I got sick too! Thank you autoimmune.

Oh well, it is worth it. They may be sick but cuddle time wins me over every single time. I wasn’t going to not cuddle the kiddos.

The candy bar gets me, it really really gets me.

All good things however come to an end. Thursday afternoon I remember getting out of the van, and that is it. I woke up on the floor of our bedroom with my chest breaking as my husband tried to keep me alive.

This led to 24 hours of pure hell.

If you live in Aurora, stay away from the Medical Center of Aurora. It’s super busy, the doctors love to make assumptions, and they never have enough nurses.

I am home now in misery since they didn’t treat my pain at all and have been crying for over 24 hours.

Lesson learned here: avoid CPR after open heart surgery at all costs. I am not a depressive person and spending this much time this high on the pain scale is pushing me to the brink of what I can withstand.

We have no idea why my heart stopped or if it will happen again.


Even more upsetting they never did an echocardiogram, contacted any of my specialists, had a cardiologist see me, or even contact my PCM.

They also put a central line in when my INR was not therapeutic and would not bridge me to prevent a clot.

Worst hospital experience ever.